IRIS Annual Report 2020-2021

There is nothing like adversity to boost ingenuity. As we battle our way through this pandemic to strive and improve IRIS, it’s only fair to reminisce and never forget how we got here. It’s been a little more than six years since IRIS started out. From humble beginnings to solidifying our position as the Institute’s […]

First-Year Student’s guide to IRIS

IRIS, NITK is a student-managed digital portal that ensures that all administrative, academic, and alumni related procedures take place methodically.  Guide to some frequently used Modules:  1st-year students will receive Login credentials for IRIS, NITK via email.Logging in to IRIS: Use the Username/Email and Password to login to IRIS Account You can also use Sign […]

CEMS Module

This blog post deals with understanding how to use the Calendar and Event Management System (CEMS) Module on IRIS. Overview The CEMS Module is designed to provide information about events happening in the college at a glance, be it workshops, seminars or KEPs, as well as various clubs and organisations present on-campus. It features various calendars, a […]

IRIS Forms

This blog will help you get a better idea about how to use the IRIS forms. Overview IRIS forms is a feature to allow for IRIS user to roll out forms for surveys and event registrations to any desired demographic pertaining to the college all whilst ensuring that the responses are genuine and authenticated. Where […]

Puptime – Bring Your Own Hooks

Need for Puptime IRIS has over twenty-five network services, from services like SMTP and DNS name servers in addition to the expected HTTP servers and databases. Ensuring all services work and are always available (that is, have a high uptime) can be tricky. A system uptime monitoring tool automates monitoring services and notifies the IRIS […]

IRIS Convocation Module – 2020

The 18th Annual Convocation will be held on 23rd November 2020. All students are requested to note that registration on the IRIS Convocation module is mandatory for all eligible candidates. Register for Degree on IRIS Students are requested to fill the Convocation Form to register for the Convocation on IRIS. Please fill in all details […]

Library Dues Payment Module

This post details how to navigate the Library Dues Payment Module. This module is for students who have pending dues in relation to Library/Koha. The Module is currently only available for graduating students (Class of 2020). Loading Up The Module To access the module, login to IRIS using your credentials and click through ‘Campus’ -> […]

IRIS Annual Report 2019-20

Year in Review To all our stakeholders in NITK, It is now more than four years since IRIS was first hosted to handle a round of course registrations in early 2016. The fourth year of IRIS and co-incidentally our fourth year in NITK, was remarkable in many ways. IRIS has transformed from an academics centered […]

Smrithi – Memories Captured

College life is a person’s golden period of youth and one will remember it throughout their life. It is a blend of youth, spirit, and desires. No matter where we are in the future, we will always cherish our memories of our campus, those late-night snacks with friends, numerous trips, broken promises, and those unforgettable […]

No Dues Procedure

This blog post deals with understanding how to use the No Dues module on IRIS. This procedure is currently applicable only for Final year students as of 2021 Overview After the final year, Graduating students have to complete the No Dues Procedure from various departments before receiving the security deposit of ₹4,000.  The procedure will […]

Hostel Room Allotment on IRIS

This blog post deals with understanding how to use the Hostel Room Allotment Procedure on IRIS. This procedure is currently being used for all students availing a student at NITK Hostels. The Procedure is the same for all groups of students irrespective of being in the Boys Block or the Girls Block, irrespective of their […]

Testing UI/UX of IRIS

This blog post tries to cover all the work that has gone into testing the UI/UX of IRIS. “The only certainties in life are death, taxes and bugs in code”. The quote says it all. Softwares always tend to have bugs as they are designed by us, humans. Testing the software is one of the […]

UI-UX Designing of Placement Module

When you type a query into Google search, you probably don’t think about the web crawling, indexing, and parsing that was needed to produce the results. And though you sometimes try different search strings to refine the results, nobody trained you to do that. On Amazon you can find, order and have delivered to your […]

Features of IRIS Blog

IRIS or INTEGRATED RESOURCE AND INFORMATION SHARING is a team of motivated students looking to build solutions to solve problems at NITK with easier and efficient solutions incorporating technology for the same. The IRIS Blog serves as a way to push these ideas and at the same time educate the NITK Community regarding the latest trends in […]

IRIS Recruitment Procedure for Students (2019)

IRIS Recruitment: Even Semester 2019 What is IRIS? IRIS (Integrated Resource and Information Sharing) is an actively developed digital portal facilitating many of the administrative, academic and alumni related procedures in NITK, making them convenient for the users and technologically strong in terms of efficiency, data and resource management. We started our journey to build IRIS under the […]

IRIS Infrastructure Module- Approval/Forwarding and Admin

NOTE: This article is meant for the authorities to approve/forward the requests and the administrator to manage rooms. For booking of rooms, please refer to IRIS Infrastructure Module- Requesting a Room. Forwarding / Approving Authority: Forwarding or Approving authorities’ dashboard has one additional feature compared to Student version. ‘Manage Requests’ allows the user to approve or […]

Journey of IRIS – Part 1

This article written by Akshay Revankar, who is 2018 Batch Alumni from the Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Department talks about his journey on starting IRIS. It was the second semester of college, and I had to lodge a complaint with the hostel office for some electrical issues. The manual process of going to the […]

IRIS Fee Payment Module

Process to pay Fees on IRIS Login to your IRIS Account by going to IRIS NITK. The students having no Login credential need to report to the Assistant Registrar (Academic) and CC the mail to Student Council President and MIS Office for their Login ID creation and its activation. Students who have temporarily withdrawn earlier and wants to do course registration during […]

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