IRIS Monthly Report April 2022


Core Transfer

Name Role Program Batch Department
Sushanth Rao Tech Lead B Tech 2023 Electrical & Electronics
Guhan Sidharth M Admin Lead B Tech 2023 Mechanical
Gaurang Velingkar Head of Development B Tech 2023 Information Technology
Ishaan Singh Head of Maintenance B Tech 2023 Computer Science
Rashmith S App Manager B Tech 2023 Computer Science
Addhyan Malhotra Head of Systems B Tech 2023 Computer Science
Rohan Suratkal Head of Product B Tech 2023 Chemical
Ikjot Singh IRIS Labs Tech Lead B Tech 2023 Computer Science
Harshal Shende IRIS Labs Product Lead B Tech 2023 Electrical & Electronics
Anirudh Prabhakaran IRIS Labs Secretary B Tech 2024 Electronics & Communication
Parth Mittal Web Manager B Tech 2024 Electronics & Communication
Hrushikesh J Web Manager B Tech 2024 Computer Science
IRIS Core Team 2022 – 23

Buy and Sell Module Release (Link to Module)
The module was made with an aim to smoothen the process of buying/selling used products in NITK. With the module, a student can do the following things:
1. List products that they wish to sell.
2. View products that they may wish to buy.
A total of 137 products have been listed in the platform as on May 12 2022.

Media Team Recruitment
The media team recruitment was concluded recently. Congratulations to Fahim Ahmed for getting recruited.

Meetings with Stakeholders

  • MIS Office: to discuss SBI e-Pay, updates to loan undertaking procedure
  • Academic Section: to introduce the new Core Team to the academic section, to discuss minor changes to the PG module and chart out a roadmap to provide features on IRIS to implement the NEP
  • Hostel Office: to discuss the implementation of hostel room and mess booking for the upcoming second semester students
  • CDC: to plan the future development and improvements to the CDC website



  • Implemented user tour
  • Added an API endpoint to request a student’s club
  • Completed update calendar feature on dashboard using web sockets


  • Implemented functionalities to delegate approval of offline transactions and loan undertakings to institute and hostel cash sections.
  • Added features to ask for loan account number, bank name, bank address and IFS code to make loan undertakings more stringent

Introduced functionalities to:

  • ask for confirmation when students are allowed to submit two research areas.
  • display only departmental comprehensive exam registrations to Secretary DRPC.
  • not display pending forms for withdrawn students
  • Also fixed internal server error when the student applies for proposal, assessment without completing RPAC panel assignment


  • CDC: fixed the CDC’s point of contact email to
  • Academic: introduced a feature to convert student grade card data to NAD format
  • Library: allow to resync transactions for library due payment when there are no successful transactions
  • Urja – EV Charging Station: Integrated the IRIS server with the mobile app and the URJA charging station hardware for the demo


  • Started work on revamp of IRIS forms.
  • Added toggle button to show/hide CGPA.
  • Resolved iOS specific bugs, styled widgets and pages to suit iPads, migrated from depreciated packages
  • Resolved feedback submission errors from Tell IRIS feature
  • Added announcements page under categories list with features such as searching, sorting and filtering.
  • Fixed bugs in faculty attendance module, sentry and CDC calendar.
  • Urja – EV Charging Station: Completed all the requisite features for the Urja module demo.



  • Handled Tell IRIS tickets
  • Moderation of NodeBB Forum
  • Coordinated and completed media team recruitment
  • Modified club certificate template as per updated requirements
  • Finalized a set of Q&A posts to be posted on social media in order to improve transparency and awareness with respect to functioning of IRIS
  • Promoted and publicized Smrithi – a virtual slam book for graduating students to collect memories of college life from friends
  • Performed testing and identified improvements to be implemented in Guest house booking, hostel & mess, alumni connect modules

Support & Contact

In case of any issues, queries, suggestions and feedback, please raise a Tell IRIS ticket from the IRIS website or mobile app.
Log on to – the one-stop discussion platform for all the students and alumni of NITK to discuss academics, student life, career opportunities and much more…

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