IRIS Monthly Report June 2022


IRIS Android App v1.1.7 Release
The new update of the IRIS app includes important modules such as announcements and notifications. The app has been designed to provide the best user experience and has various useful features such as the attendance assistant, login to Moodle, etc.,. The IRIS app can be updated/downloaded from here.

Faculty Appraisal 2022
Faculty Appraisal is the module used for assessing the work of faculty members of NITK over the previous academic year. After implementing changes suggested by the Dean Faculty Welfare, the faculty appraisal process was carried out in the month of June 2022.

Meetings with Stakeholders

  • Hostel Office: To discuss improvements and changes to the hostel and mess module and plan for various allotments coming up soon
  • Dean (Research & Consultancy) and Joint Registrar: To discuss requirements in order to make modifications to the Projects Portal module to track funds of consultancy projects
  • Academic section: To provide a demo of the upcoming academic certificates module and discuss changes required
  • Career Development Centre: To review the progress of the development of the new CDC public website and suggest changes required


Application Portal

  • Updated admit card format for the self-financed PG program applicants
  • Introduced a feature to allow applicants to download fee payment receipts for approved transactions
  • Updated the call letter format and the selection places for MBA program applicants
  • Added a new feature for applicants having multiple IRIS accounts with the same email ID to log-in to their accounts by specifying the program type
  • Removed deadlines from the admit card format

Hostel & Mess

  • Color-coded the rooms in the hostel room allotment page to easily distinguish and identify vacant rooms
  • Added a separate view to view vacancies directly
  • Implemented hostel block warden dashboard
  • Introduced a feature to search for room allotment history on the basis of student registration number, name, roll number, room number, block, program type and status


  • No Dues: Added confirmation to submit the undertaking for donation of caution deposit to the NITK Endowment Fund
  • PG Module: Implemented changes to display only the currently active PhD students in the student summary; fixed bugs
  • Introduced notifications to inform a student once provisional degree has been uploaded
  • Implemented a secure SAML authentication flow for smoother and secure access to IRIS auxiliary services
  • Fixed bugs in Projects Portal


  • Enabled a demo student for the app to handle testing
  • Changed the internal marks table style in the “My Courses and Exam Grades” module
  • Added sorting feature to student feedback forms
  • Made the entire Splash screen responsive
  • IRIS Forms design and API model have entered into development stage
  • Setup a marks validator to validate updated academic details under profile page in CDC module
  • Added a flush bar to indicate successful addition of a new class in the faculty module
  • Started development of timetable module


  • Migrated the IRIS student forum to a new host
  • Decommissioned an old host
  • Deployed the upcoming CDC website in a test environment
  • Patched Autolab and reconfigured its deployment
  • Set up certificate expiry mailer
  • Backed up and decommissioned deprecated VMs (virtual machines)
  • Recruitment process was carried out in the month of June; results shall be announced soon


  • Handled Tell IRIS tickets
  • Prepared wireframes for the upcoming timetable module of the IRIS app
  • Tested the newer implementations in the Guest House Booking module based on suggestions made earlier
  • Made wireframes for the upcoming Service Requests module
  • Started working on updates to the IRIS data protection policy


The recruitment process of IRIS labs was carried out in the month of June 2022 for three projects: Urja, Gyan summarization and DDoS unblocking.

Contact & Support

  • In case of any issues, queries, suggestions and feedback, please raise a Tell IRIS ticket from the IRIS website or mobile app.
  • Log on to – the one-stop discussion platform for all the students and alumni of NITK to discuss academics, student life, career opportunities and much more…
  • Please follow the IRIS team’s Instagram and LinkedIn handles for regular updates.
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