IRIS Monthly Report July 2022


Hostel Room and Mess Allotments
The hostel room allotments for the PG students and B Tech 3rd year students (boys) and the mess allotments for the B Tech 3rd year, 4th year, and PG students (both boys and girls) took place on IRIS recently in a smooth and seamless manner.

Systems and Labs Teams Recruitments
The recruitment to the Systems and Labs teams of IRIS took place recently. A total of 7 students have been recruited and on-boarded from a set of highly competitive applicants. Congratulations to all the new members of the IRIS family – M R Rishi, Amogh Umesh, Utkarsh Mahajan, Vinayak Vatsalya, Mehta Hriday Niraj, Darsh Kiritkumar Prajapati and Lohith N

Meetings with Stakeholders

  • Associate Dean Academic (Undergraduate): To discuss the fee payment and course registration processes applicable for students who have been exempted from the fee payment deadline; academic certificates; changes to the faculty advisor green slip view, etc.,.
  • CDC Placement Team: To carry out regular discussions during the development of the CDC website


Hostel Module

  • Added support to enter multiple wardens for each hostel block
  • Made changes to support the hostel allotment process of PhD & MTech (Research) students who do not have a cap on the maximum number of semesters
  • Made the mess and room allocation process more configurable
  • Set a default mess configuration for PhD students
  • Added confirmation dialog box for mess allotments
  • Revamped the admin dashboard to allow hostel office to assign and deallocate students from various messes
  • Added a search feature to view all the hostel allotments of a student based on student name


  • Added fee payment check for ICCR students
  • Integrated a notification to be sent upon approval/disapproval of a course registration by the course instructor or the faculty advisor
  • Added support for students exempted from the college fee payment deadline to register for courses


  • Added fine, payment gateway, payee details for library due payments and application fees in online transactions csv
  • Implemented search for pending approvals and loan undertakings
  • Added roll number, course type and semester to unpaid fees list
  • Removed zero fees fee structures in unpaid fees list
  • Optimized queries in the finance fee structure search feature
  • Implemented stricter validations for fee payments

Career Development Centre Module:

  • Updated the placement policy for students
  • Minor User Experience (UX) improvements


  • Fixed the infrastructure booking issue
  • Added support for global feed in the calendar widget present in the dashboard


  • Added a new relation to store Wi-Fi authentication details
  • Added a view for users to generate Wi-Fi login credentials
  • Added an admin interface to generate accounts for users


  • Admission Portal: Added an interface for MIS Officers to update the student registration numbers
  • Applications Portal: Added support for using the Moodle ID if the Moodle account is present
  • PG Research Module: Added department name to select form in RPAC panel formation
  • Faculty Appraisal: Update guidance notice year
  • Infrastructure Booking: Made changes to send room booking approval emails only to the current active students
  • Library Dues Payment: Optimized transaction query to significantly improve the loading time of the library dues payment page
  • Fixed multiple sentry issues along with other minor bugs


  • Added iPad support for notifications and announcements page
  • Developed a basic working prototype of the timetable module
  • Tested various implementations of tutorial drives
  • Fixed course registration null value error
  • Modified calendar to show number of events in a day
  • Removed hard-coded cookies and made them dynamic
  • Added a feature to view both global and subscribed feed in the calendar
  • Added a feature to view all clubs and subscribed clubs
  • Added a feature to subscribe to a club
  • Fixed launching of Moodle on iOS
  • Added a regular view for weekly timetable
  • Started development of the “All Courses” page
  • The design for displaying changelogs is in the finalization stage
  • A feature to select the default tab among announcements, attendance and courses is currently under development


  • Updated underlying software across multiple services (NodeBB Student Forum, CDC website, Radius and Autolab) as part of a major server upgrade
  • Updated CI/CD to accommodate breaking changes
  • Added Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to multiple iris services to boost security 
  • Upgraded Gitlab – the collaborative platform used by the IRIS team for developmental activities


  • A demo of the timetable module was given to the Associate Dean Academic (UG) to discuss and find suitable ways to integrate the module with routine academic activities
  • Gathered requirements to develop a more simplistic and comprehensive view of the faculty advisor green slip
  • Made modifications to the wireframes of the upcoming timetable module on the mobile app
  • Discussed and gathered requirements for further changes to be implemented in the academic certificates module
  • Finalized changes to be taken up during the Gyan module revamp expected to begin soon and made modifications to the Gyan questions for research internships
  • Discussions were held with the Dean (Alumni Affairs and Institutional Relations) to on-board pre-2018 NITK alumni on IRIS and provide them access to Gyan, Projects Portal, Forum, etc., in view of the benefits such a process could have for all the stakeholders including students, alumni and NITK


  • Drafted proposals and Software Requirements Specification documents for the Urja, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and Gyan Summarization projects

Upcoming Releases & Events

Career Development Centre Website Launch
The new website of the Career Development Centre to be used for the upcoming placement season has been developed by the IRIS team. The website is in the final stages of testing and deployment. It is expected to be launched and inaugurated soon.

IRIS Android App Update
The next version of the IRIS Android App is planned to be released soon with many more exciting features and modules. Stay tuned and follow our social media handles to receive regular updates.

Hostel Room and Mess Allotments for new PG students
The application and admission procedures for a new batch of PG students were completed recently. The hostel room and mess allotments for all the newly admitted students are planned to take place via IRIS during the month of August 2022.

Contact & Support

  • In case of any issues, queries, suggestions and feedback, please raise a Tell IRIS ticket from the IRIS website or mobile app.
  • Log on to – the one-stop discussion platform for all the students and alumni of NITK to discuss academics, student life, career opportunities and much more…
  • Please follow the IRIS team’s Instagram and LinkedIn handles for regular updates.
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