IRIS Monthly Report December 2022


IRIS Team Presentation at NITK Alumni Global Convention 14:
Team IRIS recently made a presentation at the NITK Alumni Global Convention 14 at the Silver Jubilee Auditorium. The team touched upon the impact of IRIS in NITK over the past few years and also put forward various ideas for alumni involvement and on-boarding into IRIS for the overall benefit of alumni, NITK, faculties and students. The speakers were Guhan (Admin Lead), Sushanth (Tech Lead) and Rohan (Head of Product). The event was also attended by the team’s faculty advisors Dr. Gangadharan KV and Dr. Mohit P Tahiliani. A positive response was received from the audience with a few alumni reaching out to associate with the team in varying capacities. 

IRIS Team Members at the GC Presentation

IRIS Bootcamp 2022-23:
The annual IRIS Bootcamp for Ruby on Rails and Flutter began in the month of December 2022.
Additionally, a Product bootcamp has been introduced this year as part of the annual product team recruitment. Various topics such as framing policy, designing wireframes, gathering requirements, etc. were covered. The IRIS product managers mentored various bootcamp mentees on different case study topics.

Release of Non-Teaching Staff Recruitment Portal:
There are various staff members at NITK who do not teach, such as the Registrar, Accounts department personnel, etc. Recruitments are conducted every year to hire individuals for these job openings. To streamline and digitize the recruitment process, a web portal has been developed and launched. It is currently being used by 1000+ users. 
Website Link:

Meetings with Stakeholders

  • CDC Placement Team: To discuss about various improvements required in the CDC module
  • MIS Office, SBI Staff, Assistant Registrar (Accounts-Purchase): To provide a demo, take feedback and discuss about the release of the Non-Teaching Staff Recruitment Portal


Two Factor Authentication:
Two-Factor Authentication has now been added to IRIS using Time based One Time Password (TOTP) to make it more secure. It is currently under beta testing and has been enabled only for specific actions and webpages. It will gradually be enforced on all important actions and will be released soon for all users.

Career Development Centre:

  • Introduced an M.Tech specializations column in the CSV file of student applications that is accessible by Student Point of Contact (SPoC)
  • Added a feature to log and mail the authorities when a placement/internship is approved
  • Added a button to delete an application on the CDC module dashboard and in the ‘My Applications’ page for better accessibility and improving User Experience
  • Fixed bugs in editing a company’s type
  • Introduced a declaration checkbox to the placement profile

Hostel Module:

  • Added personal email ID and email ID columns to the CSV documents that can be downloaded by the hostel office to view the current allotments in a hostel block or mess
  • Started work to create an interface to set eligibilities for hostel and mess allotments
  • Fixed bugs in the timeline displayed in the hostel dashboard
  • Added row level locks for mess allocations to handle concurrency


  • Started work on changes to the course registration module which includes code refactor and introduction of new features as requested by faculties and academic section
  • Introduced a feature for MIS Officers to award “W” grade for a student

PG Research Module:

  • Introduced a feature to allow download of forms only after the approval of Chairman DRPC


  • Started development of ‘All Courses’ module
  • Started development of the mess module which would display the mess menu, grand dinner schedule and the mess councilor details
  • Started development of features to enable club convenors to create, edit, delete and manage events using the mobile app
  • Integrated Google Calendar with the mobile app for setting reminders
  • Completed necessary changes to the code of the iOS app based on testing feedback


  • Completed basic setup of Staging Server
  • Deployed the high availability database live testing setup on the development server
  • Completed setting up of Flutter CI/CD


  • Prepared the PPT that was presented by the team members at the NITK Alumni GC 14
  • Completed two rounds of testing of the iOS app
  • Organized an internal demo of the new features of the PG Research module, particularly the synopsis and thesis submission forms, to take feedback and work on improvements
  • Service Requests, Guest House booking, CEMS/GMS, Course Registration and Gyan modules are at various stages of testing and development


Gyan Summarization:

  • Extracted basic features of data from Gyan reviews such as the different rounds of recruitment procedures, number of students selected, difficulty levels of the interviews, etc. using sentiment analysis
  • Started work on a Question-Answer Model, which can answer questions posed by the user; Annotated numerous Gyan reviews with Haystack Annotations, providing a few questions focusing on different statistics (different rounds of recruitment procedure, time duration, key concepts, etc.) to train the model; Started exploring suitable performance metrics to assess the model
  • Completed training of the model using Simple Transformers; Evaluation of results underway


  • Identified the need for polling, or a two-way communication between the server and the client application
  • Started work on various other design changes

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS):

  • Completed setting up an httperf tool for carrying out a DoS attack on an apache server
  • Discussed and deliberated on the usage of a virtual network for a DDoS attack; Completed setting up an NeST based virtual network for a DDoS attack, consisting of 1 server and 3 malicious agents

Upcoming Events

Introduction to Systems Workshop:
This workshop would cover some of the key technologies and practices used in modern software development, deployment and operations. Various topics such as Docker, Nginx, CI/CD pipeline, etc. would be covered. It would include multiple hands-on exercises and examples to illustrate various concepts. The workshop shall begin soon. Stay tuned for further updates.

IRIS Mobile App Version Update:
A new version of the IRIS Mobile App is scheduled to be released in January 2023. It would include various new services such as the mess menu module, important/emergency contacts module, features for club convenors to manage events, among other feature improvements.

Contact & Support

  • In case of any issues, queries, suggestions and feedback, please raise a Tell IRIS ticket from the IRIS website or mobile app.
  • Log on to – the one-stop discussion platform for all the students and alumni of NITK to discuss academics, student life, career opportunities and much more…
  • Please follow the IRIS team’s Instagram and LinkedIn handles for regular updates.
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