IRIS Annual Report 2022-23

True to the saying “Change is the Only Constant”, the past year for IRIS has been characterized by the commencement of new projects, various new feature introductions, and numerous modifications to all the products and services of the IRIS Team. As the year comes to a close, the time is ripe to reflect upon the significant accomplishments and extend our gratitude to all our stakeholders.

As NITK switched to its first full academic year in offline mode post the COVID-19 lockdown, the hostel room and mess allotment process to take place at the hostel office for approximately 6000 students was something that the entire NITK community wanted to avoid. The long cruel queues became a thing of the past in just a few weeks as the IRIS Team digitized the entire process completely. After innumerable iterations, the hostel module has taken a steady shape, to say the least. In view of the grave challenges faced during the entire journey, we would like to thank the Hostel Office, Students’ Council, Hostel Council,  Taskforce, the students, and their parents for all their understanding and support.

The IRIS mobile app witnessed unprecedented growth with around 3000 new downloads. The most significant achievement has been the introduction of the iOS app thereby ensuring accessibility and convenience for all. The aim was to improve the student experience at NITK which has been accomplished through the introduction of various new modules such as the mess menu, freshers’ cup, etc.

Apart from the IRIS app and website, the team also undertook various other projects. In collaboration with the Centre for System Design (CSD), the team developed a working prototype of a mobile app to provide software support for Urja, NITK’s solar-powered charging station for e-mobility.  The website of the Career Development Centre (CDC) was completely developed by the IRIS Team and inaugurated at the start of the placement season. 

As always, the team members found immense satisfaction in engaging with the student community. A total of 5 students were recruited to intern with the web and app development teams as part of the Code-In 107 internship program. A Product Bootcamp was introduced by the Product Team as part of the recruitment process while the traditional tracks of Ruby on Rails and Flutter witnessed active participation. The “Intro to Systems” workshop conducted by the Systems team was also well received.

The credit goes to the team of developers, product managers, and the various team leads for their exceptional expertise, dedication, and commitment. We appreciate Dr. Sathyabodh M Kulkarni (Chairman, Management Information System (MIS)), Dr. Basavaraj Talawar (Faculty-in-Charge MIS Office), Dr. Gangadharan KV (Coordinator, CSD), and Dr. Manjunatha Sharma (Associate Dean Academic, UG) for their instrumental contribution towards incentivizing the team with a credits system through the recent modifications to the academic curriculum. A special thanks to Dr. Mohit P Tahiliani (IRIS Faculty Advisor) for his continuous guidance. 

We also recognize and acknowledge the involvement of all our stakeholders – the Director, Deans, Registrar, Assistant Registrars, CDC, Central Computer Centre, the MIS Officers, and all the faculties and students of NITK. We shall remain indebted to our seniors and alumni mentors for their valuable mentorship. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Salman Shah (Tech Lead 2018-19) for sharing his IRIS experience with the team, providing perspective, and motivating the team during his visit to the NITK campus.

Looking ahead, there is a huge potential for further growth and the future looks very bright and optimistic to reach greater heights.  

Signing off,

Guhan Sidharth M 
(Admin Lead 2022-23)

Sushanth Rao 
(Tech Lead 2022-23)

List of Projects and Modules

IRIS Website

Sl No. Project/Module Contributors Status
1 Changes to Admission & Application Portal Hrushikesh J, Guhan Sidharth M Ongoing
2 Academic Certificates Anirudh Prabhakaran, Ananya Chavali Ongoing
3 Changes to Convocation Module Sushanth Rao Completed
4 Changes to Minor Degree Allocation Module Gaurang Velingkar, Guhan Sidharth M Completed
5 SBI ePay Integration & Changes to Fee Payment Module Sushanth Rao Completed
6 Changes to Faculty Appraisal Gaurang Velingkar, Parth Mittal Ongoing
7 Feature additions to IRIS Forms Rohan Suratkal, Arif Kalluru, Aditya Agrawal Ongoing
8 Course Registration Code Refactor Ishaan Singh, Abdullah Mohammed Rafi Ongoing
9 Feature Additions to Student Grade Management Gaurang Velingkar, Guhan Sidharth M Completed
10 Feature Additions to PG Research Module Samarth Mayya, Keerthi Bhushan, Danish Juneja Ongoing
11 Gyan Revamp Krishna Prasad Kuddannaya, Muthukumar, Parth Mittal Ongoing
12 Testing & Consultancy Muthukumar, Hrushikesh J, Anirudh Prabhakaran, Guhan Sidharth M Ongoing
13 Changes & Features additions to CDC module Arif Kalluru, Parth Mittal, Harshith, Harshal Shende Ongoing
14 Feature Additions to CEMS Ananya Chavali, Vedant Tarale Ongoing
15 Guest House Booking Hrushikesh J, Rohan Suratkal Ongoing
16 Hostel Module Anirudh Prabhakaran, Sushanth Rao, Gaurang Velingkar, Guhan Sidharth M, Abdullah Mohammed Rafi Ongoing
17 Service Requests Gaurang Velingkar, Danish Juneja Ongoing
18 Buy and Sell Refactor & API Muthukumar RS Ongoing
19 GMS Club Certificates Sushanth Rao, Guhan Sidharth M Ongoing
20 Changes to Branch Change Module Ishaan Singh Completed

IRIS Mobile App

Sl No. Project/Module Contributors Status
1 Timetable and Course Activities Anirudh Gubbi, Vinit Puranik, Ananya Chavali Completed
2 Announcements Mohd Dilshad, Rashmith S Completed
3 Notifications Ashwin P, Guhan Sidharth M Completed
4 Feature additions to CDC Vinit Puranik, Rashmith S Completed
5 CEMS Shashank SM, Ananya Chavali Completed
6 Freshers’ Cup Shashank SM, Rashmith S, Guhan Sidharth M Completed
7 iOS app Anirudh Gubbi, Vinit Puranik, Guhan Sidharth M Completed
8 Mess Menu Abhishek Satpathy, Ananya Chavali Completed
9 Important Contacts Shashank G, Guhan Sidharth M Completed
10 All Courses Vinit Puranik, Aadil Khalifa Completed
11 Google Calendar Integration Shashank SM Completed
12 Attendance Assistant Anirudh V Gubbi Completed
13 Favourite Screen Ashwin P Completed
14 Gyan Wale Yuvraj Ravindra, Aadil Khalifa Ongoing
15 Buy & Sell Abhishek Satpathy, Wale Yuvraj Ravindra, Vinit Puranik Ongoing
16 Events Management Vinit Puranik, Shashank G, Harshal Shende Ongoing

IRIS Systems

Sl No. Project/Module Contributors Status
1 Load Balancer Migration Sushanth Rao, Addhyan Malhotra Completed
2 Full Systems Update for Proxmox Hypervisor Addhyan Malhotra, Sushanth Rao Completed
3 Autolab Release Update Sushanth Rao Completed
4 MoSS Cheat Engine Integration for Autolab Amogh Umesh Completed
5 Minor Bug Fixes and Refactoring for Autolab Amogh Umesh, Addhyan Malhotra, Sushanth Rao Completed
6 Staging Server MR Rishi, Vinayak Vatsalya Ongoing
7 High Availability and Distributed DB Utkarsh Mahajan, Amogh Umesh Ongoing
8 Distributed DNS Server Replication MR Rishi, Utkarsh Mahajan Completed
9 NGINX Config Refactor Utkarsh Mahajan, Amogh Umesh, MR Rishi, Vinayak Vatsalya Completed
10 Gitlab Update Sushanth Rao, Addhyan Malhotra Completed
11 NodeBB Migration Addhyan Malhotra Completed
12 Updated Deployment Script Sushanth Rao Completed
13 Certificate Renewal and Bug Fixes for Moodle K8s cluster Sushanth Rao, Shashank D, Addhyan Malhotra Completed
14 Deployment and Code Quality CI/CD pipelines across IRIS services Utkarsh Mahajan, MR Rishi, Vinayak Vatsalya, Addhyan Malhotra Ongoing


Sl No. Project/Module Contributors Status
1 Gyan Summarization Ashish Bharat, Darsh Prajapati, Hriday Mehta Ongoing
2 Distributed Denial of Service Hariharan Ayappane Ongoing
3 Urja/Vidhyug Samarth Mayya, Lohith N Ongoing


Sl No. Project/Module Contributors Status
1 CDC Website Ishaan Singh, Addhyan Malhotra, Harshal Shende, Parth Mittal Completed
2 Non-Teaching Staff Recruitment Portal Parth Mittal, Sushanth Rao, Gaurang Velingkar, Guhan Sidharth M, Utkarsh Mahajan Ongoing
3 Vehicle Sticker Registration Abdullah Mohammed Rafi, Ishaan Singh, Ikjot Dhody Ongoing

List of Team Members

Core Team

Sl No Name Role Program Type Batch Branch
1 Guhan Sidharth M Admin Lead B.Tech 2023 Mechanical
2 Sushanth Rao Tech Lead B.Tech 2023 Electrical & Electronics
3 Gaurang Jitendra Velingkar Head of Development B.Tech 2023 Information Technology
4 Ishaan Singh Head of Maintenance B.Tech 2023 Computer Science
5 Addhyan Malhotra Head of Systems B.Tech 2023 Computer Science
6 Rohan Suratkal Head of Product B.Tech 2023 Chemical
7 Rashmith S App Team Lead B.Tech 2023 Computer Science
8 Parth Mittal Web Team Lead B.Tech 2024 Electronics & Communication
9 Hrushikesh J Web Team Lead B.Tech 2024 Computer Science
10 Ikjot Singh Dhody Labs Team Lead B.Tech 2023 Computer Science
11 Anirudh Prabhakaran Labs Team Secretary B.Tech 2024 Electronics & Communication

Systems Team

Sl No Name Program Type Batch Branch
1 M R Rishi B.Tech 2024 Mechanical
2 Vinayak Vatsalya B.Tech 2024 Information Technology
3 Amogh Umesh B.Tech 2024 Computer Science
4 Utkarsh Mahajan B.Tech 2024 Electronics & Communication

Product Team

Sl No Name Program Type Batch Branch
1 Danish Juneja B.Tech 2024 Electronics & Communication
2 Ananya Chavali B.Tech 2024 Mining
3 Harshal Shende B.Tech 2023 Electrical & Electronics
4 Abdullah Mohammed Rafi B.Tech 2024 Information Technology
5 Krishna Prasad Kuddannaya B.Tech 2023 Civil
6 Rakshith S B.Tech 2025 Mechanical
7 Vandana S B.Tech 2025 Electronics & Communication
8 Fahim Ahmed B.Tech 2025 Information Technology
9 Aadarsh SN B.Tech 2025 Computer Science

Labs Team

Sl No Name Program Type Batch Branch
1 Ashish Bharath B.Tech 2024 Computer Science
2 Lohith N B.Tech 2024 Information Technology
3 Mehta Hriday Niraj B.Tech 2025 Mechanical
4 Darsh Kiritkumar Prajapati B.Tech 2024 Electronics & Communication
5 Hariharan Ayappane B.Tech 2023 Electronics & Communication
6 Samarth Mayya B.Tech 2023 Computer Science

Web Development Team

Sl No Name Program Type Batch Branch
1 Muthukumar RS B.Tech 2024 Electronics & Communication
2 Samarth Mayya B.Tech 2023 Computer Science
3 Keerthi Bhushan M B.Tech 2025 Electronics & Communication
4 Vedant Tarale B.Tech 2025 Electronics & Communication
5 Arif Kalluru B.Tech 2024 Electrical & Electronics
6 Aditya Agrawal B.Tech 2024 Electronics & Communication
7 Harshit Gupta B.Tech 2025 Computer Science

App Development Team

Sl No Name Program Type Batch Branch
1 Ashwin P B.Tech 2023 Computer Science
2 Aadil Khalifa B.Tech 2023 Information Technology
3 Shashank SM B.Tech 2024 Computer Science
4 K Vinit Puranik B.Tech 2025 Electronics & Communication
5 Anirudh Gubbi B.Tech 2025 Computer Science
6 Abhishek Satpathy B.Tech 2025 Information Technology
7 Shashank G B.Tech 2025 Computer Science
8 Wale Yuvraj Ravindra B.Tech 2025 Electrical & Electronics

Media Team

Sl No Name Program Type Batch Branch
1 Fahim Ahmed B.Tech 2025 Information Technology

Alumni Mentors

Sl No Name Program Type Batch Branch
1 Akshay Revankar B.Tech 2018 Electronics & Communication
2 Harsh Vardhan Jain B.Tech 2022 Electronics & Communication
3 Abhishek Kumar B.Tech 2022 Computer Science
4 Shashank D B.Tech 2022 Computer Science
5 Govind Jeevan B.Tech 2020 Computer Science
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