Puptime – Bring Your Own Hooks

Need for Puptime IRIS has over twenty-five network services, from services like SMTP and DNS name servers in addition to the expected HTTP servers and databases. Ensuring all services work and are always available (that is, have a high uptime) can be tricky. A system uptime monitoring tool automates monitoring services and notifies the IRIS […]

Testing UI/UX of IRIS

This blog post tries to cover all the work that has gone into testing the UI/UX of IRIS. “The only certainties in life are death, taxes and bugs in code”. The quote says it all. Softwares always tend to have bugs as they are designed by us, humans. Testing the software is one of the […]

UI-UX Designing of Placement Module

When you type a query into Google search, you probably don’t think about the web crawling, indexing, and parsing that was needed to produce the results. And though you sometimes try different search strings to refine the results, nobody trained you to do that. On Amazon you can find, order and have delivered to your […]

Features of IRIS Blog

IRIS or INTEGRATED RESOURCE AND INFORMATION SHARING is a team of motivated students looking to build solutions to solve problems at NITK with easier and efficient solutions incorporating technology for the same. The IRIS Blog serves as a way to push these ideas and at the same time educate the NITK Community regarding the latest trends in […]

Code In 102

Overview For students of 1st and 2nd Year, Code In 102 is for students who are looking to learn and contribute to projects that are currently worked on by the IRIS team, after having met certain prerequisite tasks for each projects. Goals The program has several goals: Get more code written and deployed for the benefit of […]

Releasing IRIS OAuth for Developers at NITK

Announcing the release of IRIS OAuth v1, IRIS is proud to release its OAuth API to all NITK Developers which can be used by Student Clubs, Incident, Engineer and open to collaboration with NITK Startups provided due permission is taken from the respective people. IRIS OAuth provider acts a gateway for Third-party applications/websites to authenticate […]

Enriching User. Enriching Experience

This humble blog post, deals with an aspect of IRIS, that was relatively sidelined when the team had to focus on developing the more critical components of the Student Lifecycle Management System. User Experience is an aspect that can make the difference between your product skyrock its prospects over night and it failing to connect […]

Using CI/CD on Gitlab CE

Continuous Integration is a software development practice in which you build and test software every time a developer pushes code to the application, and it happens several times a day. Continuous Delivery is a software engineering approach in which continuous integration, automated testing, and automated deployment capabilities allow software to be developed and deployed rapidly, reliably and […]

Publishing an Android App of Play Store

1. Create your App Develop the app perfectly to make it ready to be published. Run multiple checks on the app, use proper themes, colours, graphics, icons, optimizations. 2. Generate Signed APK Signed APK can be generated in the following 2 ways: a. Using Release Keystore Release Keystore To generate keystores for signing Android apps […]

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