IRIS Monthly Report August 2022


Career Development Centre Website Launch

The new Career Development Centre website developed by the IRIS team was launched on August 12, 2022 in the presence of Prof Lakshman Nandagiri, Former Professor i/c Training and Placement, NITK Surathkal (chief guest of the event); Prof. KS Babu Narayan, Dean Planning & Development, NITK Surathkal (President of the event); Prof. Shrihari S, Chairman, CDC, NITK Surathkal; Prof. Annappa B, Vice-Chairman, CDC, NITK Surathkal and Prof. Sunil BM, Vice-Chairman, CDC, NITK Surathkal. The IRIS team appreciates and thanks Prof. Mohit Tahiliani for all the support, guidance and mentorship.
Link to the CDC website:

Talk Session by Mr. Salman Shah and Mr. Hrishikesh
Team IRIS recently conducted a talk by NITK alumni Mr. Salman Shah, IRIS Tech Lead, 2018-19 and Mr. Hrishikesh.
It was a wonderful experience interacting with Salman and Hrishikesh. The speakers emphasized on the importance of maintaining good contacts with professors and friends who provide constant support, especially while making important career decisions. The discussions about startups and Salman’s learning from his IRIS experience were the highlights. The audience also enjoyed interacting with the speakers personally after the talk.

Postgraduate Program Admissions and Hostel Allotments
The admission process for all the postgraduate programs – MBA, MSc, MCA, M Tech, M Tech (Research) and PhD was carried out in the month of August 2022. The hostel room and mess allotment processes for these students were also carried out through IRIS.

Meeting with Stakeholders

  • Dean Faculty Welfare: provided a demo of the upcoming Guest House booking module and discuss the changes required
  • Dean Students’ Welfare: to discuss about the upcoming club certificates module and other changes with respect to club activities and CEMS
  • Associate Dean Academic (Undergraduate): To discuss and plan for the upcoming branch change and minor degree allotment processes
  • CDC Placement Team: to discuss improvements to the Placement module
  • Club Conveners: To discuss changes and improvements required in the CEMS module for smoother implementation of club activities


Hostel Module:

  • Added support to allow multiple allotments to happen simultaneously
  • Made the hostel dashboard functional for newly admitted students
  • Improved eligibility checking for hostel room and mess allotment
  • Added support for eligible rooms
  • Ensured data sanity check
  • Added a feature for the hostel office to view financial report of hostel fee payments
  • Introduced enhancements in fee-payment check for first semester students

Career Development Centre Module:

  • Added a CGPA check at the company application stage as well
  • Introduced a notification to alert unplaced students about upcoming companies
  • Added calendar view for Student Points of Contact (SPoC) to view all room bookings for the recruitment processes of different companies
  • Introduced the feature of Primary SPoC
  • Added ability to see live placement/internship statistics of the current placement year for the Head Placement Coordinators


  • Courses: Added an interface for archiving graded courses on Moodle
  • Finance: Fixed bug in fee check for new admissions
  • No Dues Module: Added a user tour to the No Dues module
  • Timetable Module: Added API endpoints to the Time Table module for the mobile app



  • Implemented the final UI designs
  • Added course activities
  • Introduced changes to handle multiple activities/courses in the same slot


  • Added features to view, subscribe/unsubscribe to calendar subscriptions
  • Added a feature to view details of an event
  • Fixed multiple bugs


  • Completed a major portion of the development of the All Courses module
  • Added a feature to set a favorite screen.


  • Setup test deployment for vault server
  • Carried out containerization of CDC website (staging) and dev deployment server (staging)
  • Deployed emergency security patches to Gitlab – IRIS team’s collaboration and project management platform
  • Wrote cleanup jobs to clear stale container from dev deployment and staging server


  • Started testing the new synopsis and thesis submission features of the PG Research module
  • Prepared a draft of the presentation to be submitted to the college administration for the plans related to the on-boarding of pre-2018 alumni on IRIS for various activities associated with the institute
  • Analyzed the results of the recently concluded IRIS website survey to help in improvisation of the IRIS platform
  • Prepared a set of guidelines to be followed by the students while submitting Gyan reviews
  • Testing of the Guest House Booking module, Employee Profile page and the timetable module on the mobile app underway
  • Carried out discussions with the faculty coordinator of the Vehicle Sticker Request module to plan and start development
  • Updated the IRIS Data Protection Policy


  • Extracted dataset with all the relevant Gyan reviews for the Gyan Summarization project
  • Discussed and finalized technical details, definite set of requirements and milestones for each project during weekly meetings

Upcoming Releases & Events

IRIS Android App Update
The next version of the IRIS Android App is planned to be released soon with many more exciting features and modules. Stay tuned and follow our social media handles to receive regular updates.

Branch Change and Minor Degree Applications and Allotment
The Branch Change and Minor Degree application and allotment process for the B Tech students who complete the second semester shall take place on IRIS after the conclusion of end semester exams and declaration of results.

Contact & Support

  • In case of any issues, queries, suggestions and feedback, please raise a Tell IRIS ticket from the IRIS website or mobile app.
  • Log on to – the one-stop discussion platform for all the students and alumni of NITK to discuss academics, student life, career opportunities and much more…
  • Please follow the IRIS team’s Instagram and LinkedIn handles for regular updates.
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