First-Year Student’s guide to IRIS

IRIS, NITK is a student-managed digital portal that ensures that all administrative, academic, and alumni related procedures take place methodically. 

Guide to some frequently used Modules: 

1st-year students will receive Login credentials for IRIS, NITK via email.
Logging in to IRIS:

My Profile

Access My Profile:

  1. At the top right corner of the IRIS Dashboard, click on your profile picture. From the dropdown, select Profile
  1. You can access your profile from the IRIS home page by going to the Institute tab in the upper area and then clicking on My Profile.


  1. My profile screen will contain information such as Name, Nationality, Branch, Minor program, etc. 
Sample My Profile Page
  1. You can click on Edit Profile to update any incorrect information.
  2. Important: You will not be able to change some of the fields like Date of Birth. For getting these details updated, please contact the MIS office with relevant reasons and proof of the information:
    1. Create a Tell IRIS Ticket, or,
    2. Send an email to

ID Card Generation

  1. After filling in the required information in My Profile and getting a Roll Number assigned by the Academic Section of the Institute, you will be able to generate an ID card by clicking on the button shown.
Generating ID Card
(Only available for 1st-semester students)

EDU Accounts and Microsoft Teams

You can create your NITK EDU Account and Microsoft EDU Account once the Academic Section of the Institute allots you a Roll Number.

NITK EDU Account:

  1. NITK EDU Account is a G Suite Education account that provides many features for educational usage. More details: Link
  2. To create a NITK EDU Account, you should be allotted a Roll Number by the Academic Section of the Institute.
  3. Creating NITK EDU account:
    1. Use the Link that says NITK EDU Account on your dashboard or go to My Profile and select NITK EDU.IN Account from the left sidebar
    2. Choose a prefix for your new G Suite Email-id.
    3. Once you click on Create NITK EDU Account, a temporary password will be shown. Now, visit and sign in using this email-id and temporary password.
    4. You can now use G Suite services with this account.
    5. Passwords can be reset for the NITK EDU Account using the same page or from Google Account Settings.

Microsoft EDU Account:

  1. Microsoft EDU Account is a Microsoft 365 A1 Account for educational purposes. More details: Link
  2. To create a Microsoft EDU Account, you should create a NITK EDU Account, as mentioned above. Creating Microsoft EDU account:
    1. Visit My Profile and select Microsoft EDU Account from the left sidebar
    2. Click on Create/Fetch Microsoft EDU Account.
    3. Once you click on Create Microsoft EDU Account, a temporary password will be mailed to your NITK EDU Gmail Account. Now, visit and sign in using this email-id and temporary password and set the password.
    4. You can now use Microsoft 365 A1 services.
    5. Important: Passwords can be reset for Microsoft EDU Account only via this page. It cannot be reset from Microsoft’s end.
  1. Microsoft EDU Account provides access to Microsoft Teams. Institute’s online live classes will be conducted using Microsoft Teams.
    1. You will be added to a Team inside Microsoft Teams for the course that you will take up in the current semester.

Course Registration

  1. Mandatory Courses pertaining to core requirements will automatically be uploaded onto the IRIS website. You only need to confirm the registration and need not select them separately.
  2. To access course registration, you must follow the given steps – once you open IRIS, go to the top bar and click Academics->Courses-> Course Registration.
  3. If the date for course registration has not yet been reached, a message will show saying ‘Course Registration Is Unavailable To You Currently.’
  4. Once the Course Registration commences, mandatory courses will be prefilled in the list while the elective courses which the student wishes to enroll in will have to be selected from the dropdown.
  5. Once this has been done, click the register button at the bottom of the screen. This will ensure that the course has been registered. ( Note. It is advised that you register for courses immediately, as once new courses are introduced, clicking on the ‘register’  button will not affect those who have already been registered.)
  6. Once you have finished registration and the course has been approved by both the course instructor and faculty advisor, you can view the courses in the Academics-> Course->My Courses and Exam grades.
Accessing course registration from IRIS home page
Course Registration Drop Down
Register Button view.

Note: Students should click on “Register” at least once before the Course Registration ends to register for both the Mandatory and Elective (if applicable) courses. If there is an addition of a new course in your course registration list shown above click on “Register” again.

Moodle and BBB (Big Blue Button)

Recorded Lectures, notes, assignments, and examinations for registered courses can be accessed on Moodle. 

Accessing Courses :

  1. To access Moodle, log in to your IRIS account, go to the top bar, and click Academics->Moodle-> Login to Moodle.
  2. A course will be available on moodle only after course registration has been done on IRIS, and both the course instructor and faculty instructor have approved the course for a particular student. 
Accessing Moodle from IRIS
  1. Once you arrive at the moodle home page, your courses will be listed on the left side of the page and on the bottom half. They will be listed department wise. Also, a calendar of events will be visible to you. This calendar is located in the bottom right of the page.
  2. To access a course, you must click on the link (course name). This will redirect you to the course page on moodle.

Course Page on Moodle

Watch BBB lectures :

  1. Once a course lecture has been uploaded, you will view it by clicking on the button provided.
  2. Once this is done, you will be redirected to a page with details like the lecture name, date, and duration.
  3. Clicking on the lecture name will open a new tab with the audio lecture.
  4. Lectures can be viewed at varying speeds – 0.25x , 0.5x , 0.75x , 1x , 1.25x and 1.5x. The slides can be viewed individually as well.
Different BigBlueButton instances inside a course

Lecture Recording

Quizzes and Assignments :

  1. Moodle lets students take quizzes and submit assignments for each course.
  2. A separate link on the course page will be made available as per the allotted time.
  3. Once you click this link, a button called ‘attempt now’ should be visible. You can now attempt the quiz. ( Note: This button will be visible only when the quiz’s starting time has been reached and will close automatically when the quiz’s end time has been reached. )
  4. Once you have finished the quiz, the answers and final score will be made available depending on the type of examination.  The quiz score can also be checked by clicking on the grades button in the navigation bar and then going to quiz analytics.
  5. For assignments, similar to quizzes, a button will be provided when the course instructor creates an assignment submission.
  6. After clicking on the assignment, you will have to upload a document from your end and then click the submit button. This will ensure your assignment has reached the instructor. ( Note: Assignments are timed. Submitting after the allotted time will result in the late submission being recorded. )

Fig. Quiz Links in Course Page

Fig. Quiz page after accessing the link

Fig. Quiz Analytics Page within Grades section

Assignment and quizzes.

Fig. Assignment Submission page

Courses, Marks and Grades


  • My Course and Exam Grades is a module that allows for IRIS users to view the grades for the courses that they have been enrolled in and are eligible for grading. 

  • Your grades will be displayed in My Courses and Grades once the respective professors have updated the marks and the cutoffs from the various grades have been decided by the respective departmental panels. It must also be noted that you can only view your grades after the Feedback Form for the respective course has been filled. 
  • Grades for previous semesters can also be viewed by changing the Year and Semester and clicking View courses.

View Course Details 

Under Details, you will be able to view specific details with respect to the course such as Course Code, Course Type, Credits, Distribution of hours throughout the week( between Lecture, Tutorials, and Practicals), and whether the course is valued for CGPA calculation.

Internal Marks and Cutoffs 

Under Marks/Cutoffs, you will be able to view the distribution of marks in accordance with the course plan and the respective weights of each of the assignments, quizzes, Mid and End Semester examinations, and the final total.

Course Statistics: 

Under Course statistics, you will see the cutoffs for the grades and a histogram of the distribution of the number of students for each grade.


Creating a new Ticket:

  1. If you have any Suggestions, Issues, or Feedback related to IRIS, head over to IRIS and click on the Tell IRIS Button on the top right side of the screen.

  1. A Helpdesk Ticket form will appear.

  1. Select one of the below categories to highlight the type of ticket:
    1. Issue
    2. Suggestion
    3. Feedback

  1. The URL of your current page will automatically get recorded.

  1. Give a brief and apt description of your ticket.

  1. You can add up to 2 attachments to better describe your ticket. Note that the maximum size of each file is 2MB. Supported extensions are .png, .jpg, .webm, .mp4.

  1. Click on Submit Ticket to submit your ticket. An email will be sent to the email address you use to login to IRIS. Email content will have a Ticket Tracking ID and Link to track your ticket.

To view Status of a Past Ticket:

  1. To view previous tickets, click on View Past Tickets Status.

  1. This will open the Help Desk in a new Tab. Enter your IRIS Login Email address, and Ticket Tracking ID, which was received in the email sent after submitting the ticket. Click on View Ticket.

  1. Now, you will see any reply from Team, extend the conversation thread, and close the ticket if the issue gets resolved.

IRIS Forums

IRIS-NodeBB Forum is a community driven discussion platform to have healthy and insightful discussions with one’s peers. The Forum is an umbrella medium connecting the alumni and the students admitted under various degree programs of NITK such as B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D, M.Sc, MCA and MBA. It is an avenue to share one’s ideas and opinions with others. 

Signing Up

The Forum module is available under the “Campus” dropdown.

Clicking on the “Forums” button redirects to a page containing all the rules and regulations. All the students are advised to go through the mentioned rules thoroughly before signing up. At the bottom of the page, mandatorily enter your preferred username, strictly consisting only of your name and initials. You can also add the URL of your LinkedIn profile.

Accessing the Forum

Navigate to the “Forum” module page in IRIS (as shown in the Signing Up section). Click on the “Login to Forum” button available in the module menu. A new Forum tab will open.

Using the Forum

The Forum has the following channels: 

  1. Forum Announcements
  2. Academics
  3. Everything IRIS
  4. Higher Studies
  5. Student Life
  6. Hobbies
  7. Student Council

All the students are requested to maintain the decorum of the Forum by following all the rules and regulations strictly and create a polite and friendly environment suitable for voicing opinions, ideas and suggestions comfortably. There is a need for conscious effort from everyone involved to avoid destructive criticism and displeasure. 

To know more about the forum:

Calendar and Event Management

The CEMS Module, nested under the Campus tab on the IRIS Dashboard is designed to provide information about events happening in the college at a glance, be it workshops, seminars or KEPs, as well as events by various clubs and organizations present on-campus.

Main Calendar

Various calendars are featured under the Main Calendar tab.

By default, your calendar overview displays My Events which is the subscribed feed. To subscribe to calendars, navigate through the List of Calendar Subscriptions and select the calendars that you would like to stay updated with and subscribe to.

To view events from all clubs and groups, select All Events. This is the global feed.

Clubs and Events

A list of clubs with their members and other club details are displayed under this tab. The clubs that you join as a member will be highlighted in purple.

Calendar Widget

To stay updated on events of your choice without navigating to CEMS each time, there exists an easy-to-access widget on your IRIS Dashboard under the Announcements tab. You will only be able to view upcoming events of clubs and groups that you have already subscribed to. To manage your club subscriptions, click on the plus button on the widget and follow the steps mentioned above to subscribe to your favorite clubs and groups.



Q. There’s an error/change in one of the fields of my profile. What should I do?

Ans: You will have to contact the MIS Officer through their mail – or create a ticket in Tell IRIS. Give details of your identification and which field needs changing with what new information you need. Also, give a form of proof as to why you need the change.

Q. If I want to change my details sometime in the future, am I able to do that?

Ans: Yes, you can do that. Contact the MIS Officer through their mail – or create a Tell IRIS Ticket. Give details of your identification and which field needs changing with what new information you need. Also, give a form of proof as to why you need the change.

Q. Can any random person view my profile?

Ans: No. Only the institute authorities who are allowed this access can view it

Q. Can my data be stolen in any way?

Ans: There are privacy laws in the institute that ensure that there is no misuse of sensitive information by any entity.

 Q. How to get your email id changed?

Ans: Contact MIS Officers at or create a Tell IRIS Ticket mentioning the new email-id and the proper reason why email-id is to be changed.

Q. My Profile picture not appearing

Ans: Contact MIS Officers at or create a Tell IRIS Ticket raising this issue. You can attach the profile picture that has to be set for your profile along with.


Q. What is course registration?

Ans: To attend the many courses/classes you will undertake, you will have to first register for the course. This course has to be approved by the respective Course Instructor and Faculty Advisor.

Q. What are the Mandatory courses, Program-specific electives?

Ans: Mandatory courses are courses that you will have to register to satisfy your semester criteria compulsorily. Program-specific electives are courses that are exclusive to your department(e.g., Mech, IT, etc.) that you can choose to register for.

Q.  Is it mandatory that I have to do my course registration online?

Ans: Yes

Q.  There is a course that is not meant for me to present on my registration page. What should I do?

Ans: First, confirm with the course instructor of that particular subject, whether that course exists for your class. If an error is present, contact the MIS Officer through their mail or create a Tell IRIS ticket with your issue.

Q. I did not register for a course within the given deadline. What should I do?

Ans: Contact the particular course instructor for further instructions.


Q. Do I need to create both NITK EDU and Microsoft EDU accounts?

Ans: Yes, it is mandatory.

Q. Can I use another E-Mail rather than my NITK EDU account to communicate with Faculty?

Ans: You can, but it is easier and more transparent if you were to use your NITK EDU account. Please provide all required information if using other email accounts.

Q. I already have a teams account. Do I need to create another account for teams via the Microsoft edu account?

Ans: You will have to compulsorily create a new Microsoft NITK EDU account, which subsequently leads to a new team account for attending classes.

Q. There is an existing course on MS Teams to which I have not been added despite me following the necessary steps. What should I do?

Ans: Contact your Course Instructor and explain the situation with all the necessary details. Your course Instructor will have to use the Resynchronise option available on his/her dashboard.


Q. Is data shared between Moodle and MS Teams?

Ans: No. They are separate entities on which you and your course instructor work on. Usually, MS Teams is used to hold live classes, whereas Moodle will often find Recorded Lectures, Assignment links, Exam links, etc.

Q. I’m not able to see an assignment link/class video (etc.) that was visible earlier. Where did it go?

Ans: Your course instructor may have removed that particular content. You can contact him/her for further details.

Q. I submitted an assignment after the deadline. Can I still submit?

Ans: You can still submit if the link is still open. However, the fact that you uploaded after the deadline will be known by the instructor.

Q. I’m not able to play lectures on Moodle. What is the issue?

Ans: There may be some updation required for your browser (e.g., Flash player). Make sure you’re using the latest and best possible version of Chrome or Firefox.

Q. My registered courses are not appearing on my Moodle dashboard?

Ans: If your registered course has been approved by the Course Instructor and Faculty Advisor then contact your Course Instructor and ask him/her to use the Resynchronise option available on their Course dashboard.


Q. Can I view my grades without filling feedback forms?

Ans: No. You must fill your feedback forms before viewing your grades.

Q. Are my feedback forms anonymous?

Ans: Yes

Q. There is an error in my grade. Who should I contact?

Ans: Contact your Course Instructor

Q. I’m not able to see my semester Grade Card even though I filled my feedback forms

Ans: Make sure you fill all the feedback forms available to you. It is also possible that a particular course’s grades have not been put up yet.


Q. What kind of issues will ‘Tell IRIS’ resolve?

Ans: Any kind of issue involving the functionality of the website itself- including error messages, the page hangs, or any other form of discrepancy will be answered for you via ‘Tell IRIS.’ IRIS is also open to hearing from you if you have any suggestions on improving the website or any interesting ideas that you may think will help the overall experience.

Q. Can IRIS act as an intermediary between Faculty and students?

Ans: No. IRIS is not involved in any form of direct interaction between students and faculty.

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