IRIS Annual Report 2019-20

Year in Review

To all our stakeholders in NITK,

It is now more than four years since IRIS was first hosted to handle a round of course registrations in early 2016. The fourth year of IRIS and co-incidentally our fourth year in NITK, was remarkable in many ways. IRIS has transformed from an academics centered software, to the likes of an Enterprise Resource Management(ERP) system digitizing various aspects of the institute’s functioning itself. The year saw us venturing out of our comfort zones taking up a diverse set of projects that branched out from the core IRIS application. The introduction of IRIS Labs, focused on research, artificial intelligence, and hardware projects, the development of an app for the Alumni Global Convention, undertaking the development of the institute website all attest to this era of diversification of reach. Another distinctive aspect of the year was the revamped approach of the product team and increasing the involvement of its members in the software development life cycle, with each product manager leading a functional sub-team focused on a project and seeing it to completion and release. On the technical front, we have been exploring quite a handful of open source projects that can assist the growth and scale of IRIS. The shift from native android development to the cross-platform Flutter framework which shall soon enable us to release Student and Faculty apps for Android and iOS, the experiments performed with the ElasticSearch stack, Hesk, Moodle, Koha, Kubernetes, Big Blue Button are just a few of the open-source projects that we are currently working with or have set up in the IRIS cluster. 

With the scale at which we operate now, ensuring maintainability for the years to come has proved to be the bigger challenge to tackle as opposed to the rapid development of new features. This year, we have tried to acknowledge this challenge and approached this by the systemic introduction of documentation standards not limited to code but also inclusive of aspects pre-development such as database schema design, software requirements specification and so on. A conscious effort has been made to ensure that all the actions required by the system are taken by the administrative authorities, gradually reducing the dependency on the development team for any process and procedure and increasing the autonomy of the users in achieving their desired results with the system. The intention of these efforts is to ensure that we are building a system that can last over the years.

Our initiatives such as the Code-In-10x Internship programs and Bootcamps for Ruby on Rails and Flutter have been well received by students, aiding them in navigating the wide and confusing world of software development. These programs have undoubtedly contributed to the strengthening of the team itself with the mentees, gradually being converted to recruits who have performed remarkably well in various projects. 

The campus lockdown gave us a fresh set of challenges as many of our on-going projects were brought to a standstill. At the same time, it presented us with a completely different set of problems to be tackled. Integrations with Microsoft Teams, Hosting an on-premise video lecture recording solution, collaborations with MOOC platforms like edx and Coursera were done swiftly, aiding NITK to quickly transition to this new mode of operation. The team still strives to make sense of these changes, and how it affects various functions and processes, regularly coordinating with the administration in all means possible to ensure that the pandemic does not bring NITK to a disadvantage. You would find us basking in the rare glory of these activities being featured on the national dailies, with the likes of The Hindu and The Times of India covering how the in-house portal of NITK has enabled flipped classroom teaching for the institute. 

Centre for Systems Design, the MIS Office, the Central Computing Centre, are entities that have played significant roles in the advancements we have made this year and we thank all the staff and faculty involved for backing us as we continue to make progress. On a personal note, I feel indebted to the proactive support of Prof Ananthanarayana VS (Deputy Director and Chairman, MIS), Prof K V Gangadharan (Coordinator, Centre for Systems Design) and Prof Mohit P Tahliani (Faculty Advisor, IRIS), who have directly contributed to ensuring that IRIS is ahead of the curve in every direction. The continuing contributions and the active involvement of our alumni mentors, Akshay Revankar of 2018, Salman Shah and Manish Kumar of 2019 have played a pivotal role in shaping IRIS this year, and this spirit of commitment towards the goal is something that IRIS greatly benefits from. We end this note, expressing our wholehearted gratitude to the Director, Deans, Registrar, Assistant Registrars, HoDs, the Students’ Council and the entire NITK community for its support, trust and the environment that enables us to build systems for the better. With this rock-solid support, there is only one way to go for IRIS, and it’s turning out to be up. 

Signing off,

Govind Jeevan
Team Lead (2019-20)

Pavan Vachhani
Team Lead (2019-20)

Projects Completed (2019-20)

Sl. Project Contributors Description
1 Design System Migration of IRIS Govind Jeevan, Nirmal Khedkar, Akshay Revankar,Module Maintainers Web
2 NITK Website Govind Jeevan, Palak Singhal, Bharath Adikar, Pavan Vachhani Web
3 Applications Portal for PhD Candidates  Abhishek Kumar, Vithik Shah, Karthik Menen Web
4 Virtual Mailing List for dynamic mailing list generation Pavan Vachhani Web
5 Infrastructure Module for booking of Rooms/Venues Pavan Vachhani, Govind Jeevan, Shivam Potdar, Shashank Hs Web
6 IRIS Forms Aditya Karia, Sahana Shanbag Web
7 Calendar and Event Management System
Bharath Adikar, Rishabh Nema, Snehal Satlawar  Web
8 Smrithi Testimonials Platform Adarsh Naidu,  Rishabh Nema, Govind Jeevan, Palak Singhal, Yash Agarwal Web
9 Integration with BigBlueButton for Lecture Recording with Statistics Dashboard Akshay Revankar, Govind Jeevan Systems + Web
10 Integration with Microsoft Teams for Automatic Team/Account Creation and Live Lectures Govind Jeevan Web
11 Coursera & edX Collaboration Govind Jeevan Product
12 Alumni Global Convention App Govind Jeevan, Prajwal Belagavi, Vaibhav App + Web
13 Group Management System for Teams, Departments Bharath Adikar Web
14 Alumni Virtual ID Card Govind Jeevan, Pavan Vachhani, Palak Singhal App + Web
15 IRIS MQTT Broker Akshay Revankar Systems
16 IRIS Droid Server: Browser based App Emulator Govind Jeevan Systems + Web
17 Minors Applications and Allotment Govind Jeevan, Manas Gupta Web
18 IRIS Chatbot Nachiket, Ashwin Nayak IRIS Labs
19 IRIS Android App Vaibhav and Android Team App
20 ElasticSearch Integration Pavan Vachhani, Aditya Jain Systems
21 Sports Module Manas Kinkar Web
22 Digital Provisional Degree Govind Jeevan Web
23 Automated Points Generation for Faculty Appraisal Govind Jeevan Web
24 Statistics for Infrastructure, Hostel Allotment, CEMS, Faculty Appraisal Mohit R, Adithya Karia Web
25 Attendance Management Improvements Harsha Vardhan Web
26 CDC Module Refactoring and Improvements Vithik Shah Web
27 Dev Server Architecture Changes Mahim Agarwal, Adithya Pai Systems
28 IRIS Mascot and Graphic Designs for IRIS Manash Sharma Product
29 Refactoring and Maintenance of Admissions Portal Abhishek Kumar, Nirmal Khedkar Web
30 Infrastructure Guest House Booking Bharath Adikar, Vikram S, Shashank Hs Web

Projects Under Development

Sl. Project Contributors Description
1 Sports Module Manas Kinkar, Sai Pavan Web
2 Infrastructure Complaints Manas Gupta, Vikram S Web
3 No Dues for Faculty Harsh Prakash Gupta Web
4 NITK Department Website Govind Jeevan, Vithik Shah, Manas Gupta, Shashank Hs, Avinash Kumar Web
5 Kubernetes Migration Aditya Jain & Systems Team Systems
6 IRIS Flutter App Prajwal Belagavi, Dhanasekhar, Harshavardhan, Siddharth Ramesh and Team Mobile
7 Academic Certificates Yash Agarwal, Hitesh B Web
8 PhD Module Abhishek Kumar, Yash Agarwal, Avinash Kumar Web
9 Koha Integration for Library Due Payment Bharath Adikar Web
10 Buy And Sell Platform Sai Pavan, Harshal Shende, Sushanth Rao Web
11 Academic Projects Platform Sanjana V Prasad, Sushanth Rao Web
13 Alumni Mentorship Platform Shreyansh Dubey, Avinash Kumar Web
14 Infrastructure Assets Akshara P Web
15 IRIS in-House RFID Access Control System Akshay Revankar, Ashwin Shenoy, Shivam Potdar, Govind Sunilkumar, S R Sahith IRIS Labs
16 IRIS App Store with F-Droid Govind Jeevan Systems
17 Anomaly Detection based protection against DoS Mohit Mithra, Govind Jeevan IRIS Labs
18 CCTV Based Automated Attendance Management A Naga Neeramitra Reddy, Sriram A, Rishi Sharma IRIS Labs
19 Chatbot for IRIS FAQ Nachiket Naganure, Ashwin Shenoy IRIS Labs
20 NLP to SQL for Natural Language based queries to IRIS Database Sakshat Avinash Rao, Arpit Jadiya IRIS Labs

Team: Organizational Chart

Team: Official List for 2019-20

* Only members who have achieved all of their target goals or released a module or have a minimum of 1 year of contribution are considered in the official list. Only contributions in the year 2019-20 are considered.

Main Student Team
Sl Name Position Program Batch Department
1 Govind Jeevan Team Lead B.Tech 2020 Computer Science
2 Pavan Vachhani Team Lead B.Tech 2020 Computer Science
3 Akshay Revankar Mentor Alumnus 2018 Electronics and Communication
4 Salman Shah Mentor Alumnus 2019 Information Technology
5 Manish Kumar Mentor Alumnus 2019 Computer Science
6 Bharath Adikar Web Team Manager B.Tech 2021 Information Technology
7 Vithik Shah Web Team Manager B.Tech 2021 Information Technology
8 Mahim Agarwal Systems Team Manager B.Tech 2020 Information Technology
9 Vaibhav Android Team Manager (Odd Sem) B.Tech 2021 Information Technology
10 Prajwal Belagavi Mobile Team Manager (Even Sem) B.Tech 2021 Computer Science
11 Shivam Potdar Product Team Manager (Odd sem) B.Tech 2021 Electrical and Electronics
12 Vikram Sudhakar Product Team Manager (Even Sem) M.B.A 2020 School of Management
13 Mishal Shah Head of Development B.Tech 2020 Computer Science
14 Abhishek Kumar Developer (Web) B.Tech 2022 Computer Science
15 Palak Singhal Developer (Web) B.Tech 2020 Computer Science
16 Manas Kinkar Developer (Web) B.Tech 2020 Information Technology
17 Yash Agarwal Developer (Web) B.Tech 2021 Computer Science
18 Aditya Karia Developer (Web) B.Tech 2021 Information Technology
19 Nirmal Khedkar Developer (Web) B.Tech 2022 Information Technology
20 Akshara P Developer (Web) B.Tech 2022 Information Technology
21 Manas Gupta Developer (Web) B.Tech 2021 Computer Science
22 Harsh Prakash Gupta Developer (Web) B.Tech 2021 Information Technology
23 Mohith R Developer (Web) B.Tech 2022 Information Technology
24 Shreyansh Dubey Developer (Web) B.Tech 2021 Information Technology
25 Harsh Vardhan Developer (Web) M.Tech 2021 Computer Science
26 Sushanth Rao Developer (Web) B.Tech 2023 Electrical and Electronics 
27 Harshal Shende Developer (Web) B.Tech 2023 Electrical and Electronics 
28 Aditya Kumar Developer (Web) B.Tech 2023 Computer Science
29 Adarsh Naidu Developer (Web) B.Tech 2022 Information Technology
30 Harshavardhan R Developer (App) B.Tech 2022 Information Technology
31 Dhanasekar Developer (App) B.Tech 2021 Computer Science
32 Hitesh B Product Manager B.Tech 2021 Electrical and Electronics 
33 Shashank S Product Manager B.Tech 2021 Electrical and Electronics 
34 Snehal Satlawar Product Manager B.Tech 2021 Chemical
35 Atla Sai Pavan Reddy Product Manager B.Tech 2021 Electronics and Communication
36 Sanjana V Prasad Product Manager B.Tech 2021 Civil
37 Avinash Kumar Product Manager B.Tech 2021 Mechanical
38 Adityaa Maan Product Manager B.Tech 2020 Electrical and Electronics 
39 Manash Sharma Product Manager B.Tech 2021 Information Technology
40 Karthik Menon Product Manager B.Tech 2022 Mining
41 Sahana Maruti Shanbhag Product Manager B.Tech 2021 Electrical and Electronics 
42 Nadeer Ali Product Manager B.Tech 2021 Information Technology
43 Siddharth Ramesh Product Manager B.Tech 2022 Chemical
44 Aditya Pai Systems B.Tech 2021 Information Technology
45 Akash Nair Systems B.Tech 2021 Computer Science
1 Arpit Jadiya  NLP to SQL B.Tech 2021 Information Technology 
2 Ashwin Shenoy RFID Access Control B.Tech 2020 Mechanical
3 Govind Sunilkumar RFID Access Control B.Tech 2021 Electronics and Communication
4 S R Sahith RFID Access Control B. Tech 2021 Electronics and Communication
5 A Naga Neeramitra Reddy CCTV Attendance B.Tech 2021 Computer Science
6 Sakshat Avinash Rao NLP to SQL B.Tech 2021 Electronics and Communication
7 Nachiket Naganure Chatbot B.Tech 2020 Information Technology
8 Sriram A CCTV Attendance B.Tech 2021 Electrical and Electronics
9 Rishi Sharma CCTV Attendance B.Tech 2021 Computer Science
10 Ashwin Nayak U Chatbot B.Tech 2020 Information Technology
This annual report is dedicated to the Benevolent Dictator For Life (BDFL) of the IRIS Project.

Thank you

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