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College life is a person’s golden period of youth and one will remember it throughout their life. It is a blend of youth, spirit, and desires. No matter where we are in the future, we will always cherish our memories of our campus, those late-night snacks with friends, numerous trips, broken promises, and those unforgettable friendships.

Smrithi is a way to capture those precious moments and preserve them for a lifetime.

What is Smrithi?

Smrithi is a testimonial platform aimed at final year students. Students pose questions to their peers and the form is then passed around for each contributor to fill in their own answer to the questions. Requesters can add their personal touch to it by adding their own questions and request their peers to fill a Smrithi for them.

Why Smrithi?

The idea behind Smrithi is to make students feel more connected to the college and their friends. Be it in your future, long after you have left to pursue a new career or in times of crisis like this; when the waters of life turn rough, you have Smrithis to take you back to calm beaches. Smrithi aims to help you relive those memories. It is kept as a token of sweet nostalgic evidence of time spent here.


Smrithi has numerous features to make it a virtual slam book, complete with profiles and testimonials from others. To put it differently, Smrithi is a fusion of Facebook and a slam book. The features are as follows:

  1. Upload your own profile picture for use within the module

    Upload a Profile Picture Upload a Profile Picture

  2. Fill in a Smrithi/testimonial form

    Fill a testimonial form Fill a testimonial form

  3. Send requests to other users to receive testimonials

    Request for testimonials Request for testimonials

  4. View a person’s public profile

    Public Profile Public Profile

  5. Customize your testimonial form by adding funny/quirky questions

    Customize questions and visibility of testimonials Customize questions and visibility of testimonials

  6. A big part of Smrithi’s testimonials is the Public message feature. A public message which when filled, is visible to anyone who accesses the profile. Its visibility can be changed according to the receiver.

  7. At a later date, you can download a PDF containing all testimonials that you have received.

    Download PDF Download PDF

Who can access Smrithi?

The module is open to all B.Tech and M.Tech students with some limitations to non-final year students.

Final year students can create questions and request others to fill their testimonial forms. They can even fill others’ testimonial forms by searching for their profile on the Smrithi dashboard.

Non-final year students are only allowed to fill requested testimonial forms. They can neither pose questions nor send out requests.

More Info

Link to Smrithi

For a user manual containing detailed functionality, click here.

We hope that you will enjoy this platform and make full use of it. Let’s go make some Smrithis, Oh! We mean Memories.