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Convocation Module has been released on IRIS NITK with the aim of students being able to use the same to register for their degrees. All students are requested to note that registration is mandatory irrespective of whether students are able to attend the Convocation or not.

Step 1: Degree Registration on NAD NDML Website

Aadhaar Number or NAD ID needs to be updated on IRIS on the IRIS Student Profile. In case students haven’t updated either NAD or Aadhaar Number on IRIS, further steps in the Convocation Module can’t be continued.

NAD NDML Website
NAD NDML Website

If a student has Aadhaar Card

  1. Go to NAD Website and register for NAD using Aadhaar Number. NAD Aadhaar Number Registration
  2. Go to IRIS to the Student Profile and update your Aadhaar Number in the Profile Tab. IRIS Dashboard

If a student doesn’t have Aadhaar

  1. Go to NAD Website and register for NAD without Aadhaar. NAD Register without Aadhaar Page
  2. Wait for a few days for Institute to approve the NAD Application. In case of any delays inform the MIS Office immediately at
  3. Once Institute approves of the application, a NAD ID will be generated. NAD ID has to be updated on IRIS by the student in the Additional Details tab. IRIS Dashboard

Students will then recieve an Acknowledgement Slip which will then has to be mailed to the following email ID

Step 2: Register for Degree on IRIS

Students are requested to fill the Convocation Form to register for the Convocation on IRIS. Students are expected to inform via this form whether they would be able to attend the Convocation or not.

Convocation Registration Form
Convocation Registration Form

Convocation Registration Form

In case of any issues with respect to not being eligible for Convocation, students are requested to check with the Academic Section about the same.

Step 3: Physical Registration for students coming for Convocation

Students attending the Convocation at NITK have to physically report to Registration Desk set up in the Main Building. Students will then be marked as present on IRIS at the Registration Desk. It is very important for students to do this physical verification, else their names will not be announced on the day of Convocation as all Department Lists are generated via IRIS itself.

The Registration Desk will function from 14.00hrs to 20.00 hrs on November 9, 2018 and 06.30 hrs to 08.00 hrs on November 10, 2018 at the Ground floor of Main Building.

In case of any issues, students are requested to leave their comments below and they will soon be addressed.


1. When and where is the Convocation?

It’s on 10 November 2018, in the new Sports Complex at NITK.

2. Will there be a common sitting arrangement for parents and students?

Yes, parents and students will be sitting at the same place but in separate arrangements.

3. Can somebody else do the physical reporting on my behalf?

No, it has to be done strictly by the person himself/herself.

4. Can my friend or family take the degree certificates on my behalf?

Yes, they can collect it on behalf of students just after convocation. On the day of the convocation, the Academic Section shall remain open till 9 p.m. to collect the certificate. The window to collect shall remain open (for normal office timings) till 23/9/18 (tentative).
The student has to write an authorization letter undersigned by him/her addressed to the “Dean Academics, NITK Surathkal”, where in they have to mention the name of the person who shall be collecting the certificate. The letter has to be mailed to the Academic Section as an attachment, with the subject of the mail being, “Authorization for the Convocation degree” and the body should contain the credentials of the student and the person who is collecting. For the physical collection, the authorized person has to show the Authorization letter and an ID proof (of himself/herself) at the Academic Section and then collect the degree certificates.
Following are the email ids which are to be used for mailing the authorization letter:
B. Tech.: and CC:
PG & PhD: and CC:

5. What if I have registered in NAD CVL instead of NDLS?

Even though you are not suppose to register on CVL (to avoid any issues in the future) but in the worst case that a student did register on NAD CVL an acknowledgement slip has to be sent to the following email ID . Thereafter, MIS office shall be sending the student an ID which can be used further.

6. Which address shall be used, if I want my degree certificates to be posted?

By default, the current address field in the Convocation form on IRIS shall be used for this purpose. But in case, you have a request to change the address, you have to update Convocation form on IRIS before 9th of November.

7. Can Physical registration time on 10th November be extended?

No, since it is logistically very time consuming it shall not be extended. In case of any changes the same shall be notified to all students.

8. Do we have to update details on IRIS even if we are coming for the Convocation?

Yes the form on IRIS is for obtaining details to deposit the degress on the National Academic Depository(NAD) irrespective of whether you shall be coming for the Convocation or not


  1. General Enquiry:
    • Dean (Academic), 0824-2473003, 0824-2474040 0824-2473003, 2474040
    • Mr. K K Singh, Assistant Registrar (Academic) , 0824-2473003
  2. Registration:
  3. Student Queries
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