IRIS Placement Module for Students - Part 2

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Welcome to Part II of the IRIS Blog for the Placement Module.

Steps to apply for a company

Method 1: Go to the IRIS Placement Module Dashboard

The IRIS Placement Module Dashboard contains buttons to navigate to different pages in the Module as also a list of upcoming and eligble companies

Placement Dashboard - Eligible Companies Placement Dashboard - Eligible Companies

Placement Dashboard - Upcoming Companies Placement Dashboard - Upcoming Companies

From here you can directly apply for the respective company, without having to make any other actions.

Method 2: Apply to company via the Recruitment Schedule Page

Each company is given a Recruitment Schedule Page where students can view the entire information regarding the company and the different recruitment eligibilities for that particular companies.

Placement Recruitment Schedule Placement Recruitment Schedule

There are other features available on IRIS Placement Module for users to use and test.

Viewing all Applications

All the applications that you had created and applied for can be viewed on this page.

My Applications My Applications


IRIS Gyan is a collection of experiences by Third and Final Year students as also NITK Alumni about information on how to apply for various internships or placements and the different procedures associated with them.

Placement Gyan Placement Gyan

List of Students placed on-campus

The entire list of Placed Students who are placed on campus or have obtained on-campus internships can be obtained on the following Pages

Internship Students Internship Students

Placed Students Placed Students

Placement Profile

Placement Profiles for students can be seen via this page, this allows students to review all their personal details before it is shared to the companies via the SPoCs.

Placement Profile Placement Profile